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      Matt Nathanson in Peoria

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      October 8, 2017

      Sunday   2:00 PM

      200 Northeast Water Street
      Peoria, Illinois 61602

      Matt Nathanson

      with Ivory Layne, James Ghareeb, ON THE PEORIA RIVERFRONT
      MATT NATHANSON SHOW ME YOUR FANGSWith his latest album, Matt Nathanson isnt just saying Show Me Your Fangs -- he wants to show you his fangs too. The acclaimed singer-songwriters most darkly honest work yet, Show Me Your Fangs finds Nathanson digging deeper than ever before and sharing a powerful and modern-sounding set of new songs that are easily his sharpest and most biting to date. "My last album was called Last of the Great Pretenders, says Nathanson, "and it was my way of announcing that I was done holding back in my songs. I didnt want to shade out any parts of myself anymore just because they might be seen as ugly or something people wouldnt want to hear about. These days, as a writer, Im really only interested in truth. On Show Me Your Fangs, the truth isnt always pretty, but the albums unflinching honesty and sonic freshness make it a welcome reintroduction to an artist dedicated to pursuing his own truth wherever it leads him. Indeed, one of the central songs on Show Me Your Fangs is entitled Bill Murray: a salute to the actor who Nathanson says represents telling the truth and pulling no punches. Hes my North Star. If I am going to follow any path, I choose that one. Yet Show Me Your Fangs is a dark ride with the emotional range to also include some of Nathansons most engaging and uplifting songs ever, such as the beautifully shimmering and soulful single Gold In The Summertime and the massively romantic and anthemic Giants.Musically too, Show Me Your Fangs feels like a step forward from some of Nathansons previous triumphs, such as 2007s Some Mad Hope which featured Nathansons double platinum-selling smash Come On Get Higher and 2011s Modern Love. As Nathanson says, this is the first album Ive ever made where I was writing almost exclusively to track. When White Ladder by David Gray came out, it felt so revolutionary. Ive always loved the sound of singer-songwriters using acoustic instruments against cut-up beats and samples. When those elements go together well, it can make a record feel like it was beamed in from mars. Then, more recently, Ed Sheeran took that approach to a new level, and, in a way, re-inspired me. I wanted to make an album where the drums and bass could hit hard and groove, but the intimacy of the song was kept front and center.Of all my albums, this one didnt really have an over-arching concept until the end, Nathanson explains. Once I had the album title, and that amazing photo/painting by Angela Deane for the cover, everything really started to gel and fall into place. The songs on this record dont pull any punches, they just kinda go for the throat and that feels like the only way forward to me. Making music that strips away the hiding places and tries to be as honest as it can be.SHOW ME YOUR FANGS: SONG BY SONG WITH MATT NATHANSONgiants:i am not really a sports person, but i live in san francisco and its impossible to not get swept up in the fervor this city has for our baseball team the giants; that feeling of community and the underdog team. i saw the line we are giants on an ad on the back of a city bus during the world series, and i wrote the rest of the song around the idea of people taking on the world together. outcasts who find each other and refuse to allow themselves to be held down. its that kind of born to run / heroes idea: as long as we have each other, we can do anything.adrenaline:adrenaline is just a real carnal song. that track feels so cinematic and los angeles to me. hypnotic. i wanted to try to capture how sexy los angeles can be. when youre there, its like youre on a honeymoon from your real life. driving the freeways at midnight with the windows down and the lights of the city spread out in front of in the summertime:this song started with a track and groove that just KILLED me. it feels so gloriously 70s. i remember walking around brooklyn on one of those spring days where its cold, but the sun is blazing, listening to that bassline and those horns on repeat and i totally felt like i should be strutting. it just has that sly stone feel. its rare for me to have a song thats this light. this positive, without a little negative catch. i see it as a breath on the album. a moment of joy, early on, right before everything takes a left turn into heavy themes and darkness.bill murray:bill murray is the patron saint of this album. hes its north star. if theres anybody to model your life after, man, its that guy. he seems to only take on things he passionately believes in and he doesnt suffer fools. its rare to find someone in entertainment, let alone the world, who seems to genuinely be led by their heart and their gut. i would take counsel from that guy ANY time. so I wrote about the two of us traveling the world. learning from each other. its the centerpiece of the record and, i think, the best song ive ever written.shouting:shouting was the first song i wrote for the record. it feels like a poem to me. a weird little song with a TON of words. i loved all the words. i'm real proud of the lyrics on this one. a lot of the themes for the other songs on the album sprung out of this song. its like the well that all the other songs drank me your fangs:when i love a band, sometimes i'll make up titles of songs i wish they would write or albums i wish they had. SHOW ME YOUR FANGS was my imaginary album title for sleater-kinney, who got back together last year. i love the idea of it show me yourugliest parts, your meanest parts.. i am not afraid. im not going anywhere. when i first heard this track, i loved the groove. it feels super achtung baby-era U2 to me. also, its rewarding (and rare) when i feel like ive lyrically hit the nail on the head in terms of describing someone exactly the way i see them. this song totally does that for me. disappear:this song is DARK stuff. its about coming to terms with the fact that the only thing you might actually be good at is leaving. its about illusion. about being someone who is incredible to people that don't matter and brutal to those who do. i dont drink, so when i say maybe ill be drunk enough to call you, its not about booze. you can get drunk on the idea of a person. or nostalgia. or sadness. for me, the strings really make this song. alfred hitchcock city!washington state fight song:ive been carrying this title around since college (it was inspired by a mission of burma song), and ive had the first two lines of the song in my notebook for years. i wrote this one in nashville. i was aiming for the truth and hopelessness of a raymond carver story. the person singing has the self-awareness to know exactly where they are, but none of the motivation or desire to change. a lot of people are turned off by the straight forward-ness of the lyrics. but i really felt like i couldnt pull my punches on a song like this. it wouldnt have worked. playlists & apologies: i used to think my life was divided into different chapters. as i get older, i realize thatits actually made up of a bunch of completely different books. this song is about losing someone. they arent there to check in with, to get reassurance from. or even to yell at you. theyre gone. and the only thing left of them are the songs you listenedto during the arc of the relationship. and regret. headphones:ever since i was a kid, music has saved my life. if it wasnt for music, i can honestly say i wouldnt be here. this song is about that. about how incredible it feels to have the right song or the right album to soundtrack to your life. i joke that i like music more than i like people, but for most of my life, it was true. i wore my headphones for almost my entire childhood. music was always there for me when people werent. we shot the video for this song in peru, where i went with a group from a hearing aid company called starkey. we spent two days fitting people with hearing aids that the company donated. they do trips like this all year round, all across the world, and i was fortunate enough to be included. its impossible to put into words how incredible it was being next to a person when they hear for the first time (or when they regain hearing after years of deafness). that video is an amazing document of that experience.

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