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      Fans of Wil Wheaton in Atlanta are joining together to Demand that Wil Wheaton perform in Atlanta. Chat with other Wil Wheaton fans in Atlanta below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
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      • bkpowers77 bkpowers77
        I have been a long time fan and now my 3 year old son Caleb is. We would be so excited to drive from Athens to Atlanta to see you at D*Con. Please come to see us in Atlanta Wil!! Thanks! Brenda
      • lilithschilde liliths...
        Everyone would love you at D*Con, Wil. Please think about it?
      • Mendon Mendon
        Come to Dragon*Con!
      • misangela misangela
        Hey, are people withdrawing from this Demand? The numbers have gone down in the last couple of weeks. Not a good sign. Don't leave, people! If stay the #1 Demand, then perhaps he'll come to the Con. Thanks! Angela
      • jissa jissa
        You really should come to Dragon*Con this coming year! It's the only real Con I'm allowing myself this year, and would really awesome if you came!
      • Kwix Kwix
        As yet another year of DCon glides by and no Wil. This makes me very sad. Wil, you could do a presentation with EFF, acting, TrekTrak, or hell just bring the kids and have a rockin' weekend!!
      • cici cici
        Don't come to Dragon*Con! We at DCTV have WAAAAY too much fun making fun of your ass. hah
      • JynxTheMynx JynxThe...
        I think we are more critically massive than Boston... and a LOT more fun! What gives? Will, baby... HotLanta got it's nickname for a reason. Parties, half naked Cute Girls, Costumes, fun events... Please come to Dragon-Con!
      • misangela misangela
        Yah, what IS the critical mass for this?? We've got 262 people!! Boston gets an event when they reached about 150. What gives? Wil, DragonCon is a great event with much much more than Trek. They say you've been invited. Please come! :-)
      • spoongirltrinity spoongi...
        Yes! Wil, you've got to come to Dragon*Con! Please??
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      brent_m writes: DragonCon! I live in Nashville, but it would be great to see you at DragonCon!`
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