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      Fans of Tokio Hotel in Los Angeles are joining together to Demand that Tokio Hotel perform in Los Angeles. Chat with other Tokio Hotel fans in Los Angeles below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
      Date Time City Venue
      Jul 30, 2015 7:00 PM Anaheim, CA(Orange County metro area) House of Blues - Anaheim
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      • karlah75 karlah75
        LA or Anaheim plz guys Love you ya
      • karinaif karinaif
        anaheim or LA for sure!
      • xxhateisbeautifulxx xxhatei...
        Definately Anaheim!!!
      • andreavargas55 andreav...
        Tokio Hotel should come to Anaheim or Los Angeles Please!!!!!!!!!! they are like one of the best bands ever!!!!!!!
      • noobner123 noobner123
        anaheim, better
        yea come to ANAHEIM!!!!!!!!! please please ICH LIEBE GuSTAV
      • xxdrosas753 xxdrosa...
        COME 2 ANAHEIM OR LA!!!!
      • tokiohotelislife tokioho...
        they are the best performers and bill is so hoooot!!!!!!!!
      • barbara483 barbara483
        Bill i think ur hot i love you and the band come back to ANAHEIM
      • Juccc Juccc
        Hi! I'm from Hungary. So... You, american people have got many famous star, and europen people?! Nothing... We lovw Tokio Hotel since 2005, and Tokio Hotel got the first foreigner award in Hungary, and they were very very happy. They say: We'll come back here. So they come back too, in 2007.apr. with a concert from Zimmer483 Tour. Hungarian fans enjoyed it, so much! But now, Tokio Hotel is not listening to Europe... In Deutschland the fans are so sad, cause they seen hardly the TH... I wish Tokio Hotel will be famous everywhere, but then we can't see them... =( American people too big, not such as Europen, Hungarian... But we are happy, cause we can go some concert, sometimes, when they come around Hungary.
      Featured comment
      sorcha0307 writes: They haven't performed in the U.S. im so sure so it would be pretty awesome if they came over and had a cup of tea. I dunno. They have great music, just terrific! And hearing it live would be so much better.
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