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      Fans of Three Days Grace in Phoenix are joining together to Demand that Three Days Grace perform in Phoenix. Chat with other Three Days Grace fans in Phoenix below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
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      • mavsboy1990 mavsboy...
        Ive been following these guys for a while and they are awsome! I want them to come here to Phoenix since they never come to EdgeFest
      • eventsrock eventsrock
        Open House Party airs every Saturday and Sunday night live!

        7 to Midnight Eastern and Mountain time.
        6-11 PM Central and Pacific time.

        800-669-1010 to make a request during the show
        Email requests are taken all week:
      • HeartagramAdal Heartag...
        Yes!!!! We're in second place thanks to your demands. Please keep demanding Three Days Grace to come to Phoenix, AZ!!!
      • HeartagramAdal Heartag...
        We've reached 540 people to demand 3 Days Grace to come to Phoenix, Arizona. I appreciate this great numbers and we're in third place so far!!! Thank you and keep on demanding them!!!
      • 3dg_roxmyworld 3dg_rox...
        Thx for starting this! I am DYING to see them, I feel like we all can relate to the songs in one way or the other. I love 3dg
      • zambeenie zambeenie
        Get your fannies back here. I can't get enough 3DG, a band with 4 hot guys, tons of talent and me as a forever fan. :)
      • Tdg_obsessed Tdg_obs...
        i am sooooo obsessed with TDG!! it's my dream to go to a concert of there's!!! TDG ROKS OL!!! since i heard Pain i've always wanted to see them, in person!!! Adam gontier is an awesome singer!!!
      • SouthernClawdet Souther...
        I sooo FREAKIN want 2 see them,People vote.Threee Days Grace is AWSOME!
      • ashley93784 ashley9...
        ok plz every1 demand for them to come to my city
      • adorecor adorecor
      Featured comment
      HeartagramAdal writes: I'm dying to see Three Days Grace. Ever since I listened to the song "I Hate Everything About You", I've always got into the mood with this band.

      I would love to have this kickass band come to Phoenix, Arizona because they wrote songs that reflect our lives like breakups, troubles we've gone through, and how untimely events affect everyone around us.
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