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      Fans of Thirty Seconds to Mars in Barcelona, Spain are joining together to Demand that Thirty Seconds to Mars perform in Barcelona, Spain. Chat with other Thirty Seconds to Mars fans in Barcelona, Spain below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
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      • TaniaMars TaniaMars
        Aqui proporciono un link para que, quien quiera, firme una peticion para que 30 Seconds To Mara vuelvan a España antes de que se acabe el tour. Es via twitter: Gracias!
      • sagome31 sagome31
        Que vengan a Barcelona los estaremos esperando.
      • mars89 mars89
        please go Barcelona! here ppl love u so much!! u are really fucking great!
      • L9V L9V
        I think is time to come Spain Barcelona the group is amazing and want to see plase demand in Barcelona!!!!! People is in your vote to this group come
      • aredhel aredhel
        Hola Echelon, I've demanded for 30 STM in Barcellona...please if you can, return the favour and join our demand for 30 STM in Rome! Thank u so much!
      • mai_lo mai_lo
        que vengan! me encantan! que vaya a cualquier sitio de españa q voy... ^^ xxXXxx
      • mars_84 mars_84
        Que vengan a barcelona al palau, me encanta este grupo y en directo tiene que ser la caña...
      • Athenia Athenia
        Siiii!!!!!!!! Estaria genial!! :-D
      • lau_8 lau_8
        que vengan a España!! Barcelona me pilla lejos....mejor Madrid.. :) pero lo importante esq vengan
      • gonetoolong gonetoo...
        30 SECONDS TO MARS!*___________________* pleasee come to BARCELONA! you guys are the best! I LUV all of u're songs.,,*¬* soo pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee come to BCN! ( : ( L )
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