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      Michael Bublé
      in Miami metro area

      livreyn writes : I would love to see Michael Buble perform in Miami because he is the most amazing singer ever and also the greatest p...

      Michael Bublé
      in Chicago metro area

      kdc1331 writes : This guy has one of the smoothest voices since Frank Sinatra. He is great!

      Michael Bublé
      in San Diego metro area

      Desiree2255 writes : He is the most awseome performer ever!!!!!I would buy tickets to an event immidiatly if he came back to sd

      Michael Bublé
      in Houston metro area

      tinkerbellkkg writes : Michael Buble is one of all time favorite performers. I would really like to see him in person!

      Michael Bublé
      in Atlanta metro area

      kpbell3 writes : I've only seen Michael once, but once is just not enough. I would love for him to be able to share his sound, his st...

      Michael Bublé
      in Portland metro area

      bugb writes : I love his work... you should to. =]

      Michael Bublé
      in Austin metro area

      Bejack25 writes : Michael Buble is AMAZING, and I would be the first in line to buy tickets to a show in Austin. Let's get him to A-town!

      in Chicago metro area

      thepromoho writes : MUST HAVE STEFY IN CHI TOWN!!!

      Michael Bublé
      in Glasgow, United Kingdom

      bebby012000 writes : go with leon on the 15th may at the secc, we love you 2 guys and you ae the most amazing singer and entertainer i hav...

      The Cure
      in Birmingham metro area

      AmandaV writes : I'm sure we all agree that THE CURE is amazing and nothing would be better than to have them perform in Birmingham!

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