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      Fans of Pretty Ricky in Atlanta are joining together to Demand that Pretty Ricky perform in Atlanta. Chat with other Pretty Ricky fans in Atlanta below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
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      • KikeeDee KikeeDee
        Thet 2 come 2 atl cuz i luhh dey musiiqk
      • Pretty Ricky Pretty ...
        Pretty Ricky, and J.Long will be at All-American Skate in Stone Mount GA tonight at 7pm -- Be There! Feb. 13th


        5400 Bermuda Rd Stone Mountain Ga 30087
      • melodymck13 melodym...
        i think pretty ricky is cool and i want them to come to atlanta georgia jesus..its like they are never here
      • Misskey Misskey
        fuck you hoe you so dumb. i support them don't no body care about what you think you jack ass. you ain't nothin but another groupie just hatin if you don't like them get off they dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS FOR SLICKEMSBABY
      • victoria27 victoria27
        we enjoy your music in stone mountain and we would want for yall to come to our high school as soon as yall can before i graduate lol
      • ScorpioOnDeck Scorpio...
      • slickemsbaby slickem...
        yall can have them. i have changes so much. i actually got to know them lil lame niggaz and they are so wierd. i cant stand them anymore. i threw away all my posters and ticket stubs. and i no longer support bluestars nor late night special. they really need to git some respect for the human race, cuz life is not all about getting fucked. the only half decent nigga in tha group is diamond and he is a liar so he as low as the rest of them losers. i naint got nothing to flex about. yall wanna git to know them hit them up send me a message if u want they numbers
      • QUEEN31041 QUEEN31041
      • stargurl2011 stargur...
        Fuck all dat they need 2 come 2 Monkeytown aka Monroe
      • amunet1_1 amunet1_1
        how old r u
      Featured comment
      owiee writes: C'mon its Pretty Ricky!!! No need 4 an explanation... N they need 2 perform 4 us..Duh!
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