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      Fans of Paramore in Sydney, New South Wales, AUS are joining together to Demand that Paramore perform in Sydney, New South Wales, AUS. Chat with other Paramore fans in Sydney, New South Wales, AUS below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
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      • melcam2010 melcam2010
        paramore should have another concert in sydney PURELY because the 15th of october is when the HSC starts :( :( :(
      • aiimz aiimz
        So true.
      • simply_sara simply_...
        paramore are coming to australia they will be at soundwave at eastern creek raceway on the 21st of feb 2010
      • clo222 clo222
        Paramore are the best people in the music industry since michael Jackson, they're amazing and I would absolutely loooooove to see them perform live. They must!!! Woo go paramore!!!!!
      • xxbiianca xxbiianca
        paramore are the best
      • aussieprideobx aussiep...
        omg paramore must come to sydney i missed them the first time and im definantly not missing out again. i have told everyone about thi demand it! and put it on myspace, the votes are going up but not rapidly... omg i want paramore so bad! lol
      • lozarox lozarox
        i loveee paramore. you guys seriusly needa come to sydney, australia. i mean SO MANY PEOPLE WANT YOU TO COME. everyday i check to see how many people have demanded you, and each time i check it goes up. and i hyperventalate. i get SO EXCITED. u seriously needa come to sydney. XD
      • Sammi1245 Sammi1245
        i love love love Paramore My favourite song is 'Brighter', yet almost every other song is as good as each other hayley's voice is amazing if they were to come to australia...i may just have a mini-freakout
      • hippiehighhelen hippieh...
        Paramore are very inspirational.. i love there music I'm addicted to there music
      • DinaDisaster DinaDis...
        Paramore are very insprational. Everytime I'm down or just feel like jumping around I listen to them. They have their way with words and my favourite song is Brighter. Dont get me wrong I love all of their songs because they bring their own unique style. The way Hayley's voice is so strong though when you look at her you dont think that. Josh's AMAZING gutiar skills , Jeremy beautiful Bass playing and Zac's banging on his drums. They are all so very amazing and there is only one word to sum them up. PARAMORE.
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      0xlucyx0 writes: Hayley Williams is practically my idol. Paramore are the greatest band out and they're concert would be amazing. One of the things i want to accomplish before i die is see Paramore live in concert. =]
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