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      Fans of MOOD RING in Texarkana, Texas, USA are joining together to Demand that MOOD RING perform in Texarkana, Texas, USA. Chat with other MOOD RING fans in Texarkana, Texas, USA below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
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      crystal12 writes: Straight to the point MOOD RING is loud, obnoxious, aggressive, emotionally confused, & most of all IN YOUR FACE! A brotherhood that goes back to childhood. Formed by guitarist Jody Winn and drummer Sam Schillage (pronounced ski-lodge) in the mid 90's the two shortly teamed up with vocalist David Martin, who actually played guitar in a previous band with the two. Bass player Jeramy Garsee was the final piece to the puzzle who fit right in since the guys had been friends for years. Jeramy is also a guitarist turned Bass player. These are the guys that if there is ever a party you definitely want them around. Together they create an aura that people want to be around. Dynamically, MOOD RING has evolved a genre of music, a gap if you will. Heavy and hard along with melody & groove that has substance. Which makes this band "JUST RIGHT!" MOOD RING's musical creativeness as a unit is appealing to those who enjoy some pounding drums & bass, grooving guitar, & melodic yet strong vocals in their life. From songwriting to personality MOOD RING is a blend of meaningful lyrics & powerful rhythms with an attitude that rock n roll has lost. These guys arent into what's big on the charts. If one's favorite group is Bon Jovi then youre not ready for this. MOOD RING produces a special brand of rock n roll with substance that is not for everyone. Some will get it! Some will not! If you ever get the oppurtunity to catch MOOD RING live definitely do so. The presence of these guys is awesome! When the stagelights blaze, & the boys hit the stage along with that initial scream from the audience, MOOD RING makes you feel the energy from the music making the venue wanting more!!!!
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