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      Fans of Marianas Trench in Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN are joining together to Demand that Marianas Trench perform in Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN. Chat with other Marianas Trench fans in Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
      Date Time City Venue
      Nov 1, 2012 7:00 PM Victoria, Canada Save On Foods Memorial Centre
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      • loserfacechew loserfa...
        GOD PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE AGHHHGH -foams at the mouth- PLEASE
      • SceneQueen6 SceneQu...
        Okay.... Marianas Trench ****HAS**** to come to vancouver B.C at the P.N.E and this is why... 1) me and my friends NEED to go to there concert. 2) EVERYONE in my class would go so that alot of money 3) my reasons are bad so just come PLEASE -.-
      • alishamarie1 alisham...
        there amazing and i really want them to come to vancouver so i have a chance to see them in concert!!
      • sayanythingxox sayanyt...
        yeesss u guys are AMAZING
      • unrequited1 unrequi...
        Marianas Trench ALL AGES in Kamloops! Friday March 23rd with Faber Drive and Anything August. Here are the Details Desert Garden – 540 Seymour Street 7pm Advance Tix $12. $15 at the door. Tickets available at Long & McQuade and Lee’s Music
      • pinktaxis_ pinktaxis_
        MAHHH I LOVESSS YOU, and i loved the all ages on jan 21st at the plaze ♥
      • unrequited2 unrequi...
        They better play at the Plaza too, that was insane!
      • MT-Love MT-Love
        Yes, thanxs soo much for making this!! MT=LOVE!! i loved their concert on the 21st of Jan and i would LOVE to go to another one!
      • hanny hanny
        thank god I made this.
      Featured comment
      hanny writes: They just played 2 shows here, but they need to come back, cause we love them down here In van-citty!!
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