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      Fans of Linkin Park in Auckland, NZL are joining together to Demand that Linkin Park perform in Auckland, NZL. Chat with other Linkin Park fans in Auckland, NZL below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
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      • jean49 jean49
        I think Linkin Park should come to Wellington for a change and show how we can rock the place. Please, please come to Wellington.
      • FromFirstTo30STM FromFir...
        And now that they have come...come back again!!! Like really soon... :) Also join the group for New Zealanders on Eventful =
      • HawkTnz HawkTnz
        It's our turn! We want Linkin Park, come to New Zealand and let us show you our divine country! You'll wonder why it's taken you so long, Please come! We'll even let some of our Aussie friends come! LOL! Blessings HawkTnz
        PLEASE LP COME TO NZ! we are like the only country that always misses out in the great bands! PLEASE PLEASE COME TO NZ!
      • Diabolical Diabolical
        fo sho, you guys need to come back you were awesome last time! :)
      • FLR FLR
        come to christchurch! we need some preformance down south and im ur biggest fan!!!!!
      • cutiepie1015 cutiepi...
        u guys must come to New Zealan and if u do please come down to Christchurch Because none of the really big bands come down here we have to fly all the way up to Auckland Please come here i am such a big fan
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      Nathan47 writes: I have been a fan of you guys for a long,long time and would love to see you come to NZ.
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