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      Fans of Justin Bieber in Teheran, Iran, Islamic Republic of are joining together to Demand that Justin Bieber perform in Teheran, Iran, Islamic Republic of. Chat with other Justin Bieber fans in Teheran, Iran, Islamic Republic of below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
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      • nazanin98 nazanin98
        and thanx for demand jb !
      • nazanin98 nazanin98
        everyone !please don't fight cause justin will not come here !but we hope him to come !:)))))))))))))))))
      • Daisy95 Daisy95
        I love him....and if he preforms in Tehran I'll buy the front row ticket..XD!
      • usrd146301 usrd146301
        F**k you_dunky shut up.Withe your stupid hair.
      • usrd146301 usrd146301
        Ya your right every body know you but like somean who works in the kitchens.
      • usrd146301 usrd146301
        If justin bieber gonna com to iran im gonna kil my self.
      • usrd146301 usrd146301
        Lady gagas so not a boy but you are the most ugliest girl in the world justin bieber and lady gaga is the most pretty girl in the world.
      • usrd146301 usrd146301
        I looooooooooooooooove you justin bieber an d i want to marie you .your my girl. Mike
      • usrd146301 usrd146301
        Oh by the way lady gaga is so cooler than justin bieber you and she dosent think shes a boy.
      • usrd146301 usrd146301
        I know some boy who loves you and want marie you my little girl J.b.
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