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      Fans of Jonas Brothers in Orlando are joining together to Demand that Jonas Brothers perform in Orlando. Chat with other Jonas Brothers fans in Orlando below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
      Date Time City Venue
      Aug 3, 2013 7:00 PM Tampa, FL Florida State Fairgrounds
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      • joelover18 joelover18
        i would love them to go there but i don't and i would love to meet them all they are sooo cute and very hot
      • g8torgrl4life g8torgr...
        The Jonas brothers need to come to Orlando , But on the weekend of January 24th or the next weekend which is the 31st in 2009!! Or maybe even the 26th of January ...which is my birthday :)
      • krazykris krazykris
        want them to come to orlando! but i am coming to their tampa one!!! just next time they are on tour if they could come to orlando it would be awesome!
      • JoeLover171 JoeLove...
        Yeah JB needs to come to Orlando.I missed there last one On March 9th.And i never been to a JB concert.
      • gatorlax gatorlax
        I'd have to say that the Jonas Brothers are the best boyband
      • samedifference46 samedif...
        I would really appreciate if JB came to Orlando. They always only get to perform in like two Florida places most of the time, it's just a bummer that they don't have more concerts in Orlando. So I think they should definitely come here! :]
      • egrl08 egrl08
        come to orlando cuz i need u 4 my 13th birthday.and cuz I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • jcespedes25 jcesped...
        ok please liste up JB fans......i have created a petition to bring the JB to TN, all you have to do is read this, sign the petition and pass it along and beg and ask people to just sign it so we can have a show here, come on if other cities can get them to come there so can we!!
      • Dolphinluver07 Dolphin...
        I love them!!!!
      • projectorlandojb project...
        CHECK OUT!
      Featured comment
      mandaxOxbabii01 writes: I've seen the Jonas Brothers twice in my life. Once, when i was 15 on Feb. 15th, 2006 in Hartford, Ct. Then, i saw them again in Orlando, FL when i was 16 on Sept. 30th, 2006.

      The Jonas Brothers play at so many different cities up north in New England, but they seem to only play in one or two cities in each state down south. I would love for the Jonas Brothers to play in Orlando, FL more often, or in more cities in Florida, instead of choosing to play somewhere such as Jacksonville or Miami, FL which is so far away from Orlando.
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