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      Hip Hop/Rap Music

      50 Cent
      in New York metro area

      BellaStarrBiz writes : 50 Cent and G-Unit always kills the show!! We are looking to bring the entire G-Unit crew to the Big City for the mos...

      in Tampa metro area

      TMP writes : plies man u the shit bruh u be off da chain man keep it up

      in Dallas metro area

      vanessa05 writes : i seen ti a like 2 times n he was so cute, i didnt get no picture of him so i would like to try again. I wolud love ...

      Justin Bieber
      in Dublin, Ireland

      lauren-xxx writes : because hes a very good singer and hot xxx

      Tech N9ne
      in Phoenix metro area

      Andrew602 writes : got to come to phx

      in New York metro area

      sir_roy writes : lip man pussy toy royz

      in Los Angeles metro area

      Dirty_Lips writes : EMINEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Justin Bieber
      in Sacramento metro area

      ilovejb22 writes : cause i love justin beiber

      Lil Wayne
      in Atlanta metro area

      Nequia writes : i am in love with him he is so sexy

      Lil Wayne
      in Detroit metro area

      Kristaboo writes : I really want him to come to the detroit area because i love him, hes my future husband and hes so sexy!

      Chris Brown
      in Atlanta metro area

      Mia writes : My sisters and I are in love Wit u Chris!

      in New York metro area

      lamexchola writes : i love your music and admire you and i would be so happy if i can see u in concert because ive been though a rough li...

      Justin Bieber
      in Tampa metro area

      omgitslinz writes : hes hot and hes a good singer

      (75,786 demands)

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