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      Justin Bieber
      in Amsterdam, Netherlands

      leilie writes : Now you never have to search on the internet!

      in Chicago metro area

      hollisterbabe1494 writes : OMG! i'm absouletly obsessed with paramore. i have all their merchandise, and i know all their songs by heart. from b...

      Tokio Hotel
      in Sofia, Bulgaria

      eden077 writes : Cause Tokio Hotel ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      Tokio Hotel
      in Istanbul, İstanbul, TUR

      punkart writes : hey miLLET !!!! Ben ToMManiac1 siteden tanımayanlarınız için ........... Biraz daha yırtıLında GETİRİN ŞUNLARI BURAYA...

      in Houston metro area

      Lauren_PaintsTheSunRed writes : Paramore is awesome. Their lyrics are deeply rooted in personal experiences. Their music is so inspirational and upbe...

      Lil Wayne
      in Philadelphia metro area

      KillaKai writes : Lil Wayne He The Shit He Called Show Me What You GOt Remix He Kills Every TRack He On

      in Portland metro area

      nameskiersten writes : Please come to Portland, OR.

      Danity Kane
      in New York metro area

      Soccergirl4247 writes : The group was made by Diddy who lives in New York City. The group lived in New York City while being on Making The Ba...

      Daft Punk
      in Los Angeles metro area

      pinky_doo writes : you should totally demand DAFT PUNK because there like the best electronic band out there!!

      Tokio Hotel
      in Moscow, RUS

      Schwarz_Engel writes : I've been to their concert 18.11.06! It was unforgetable!!! Please, guys, come back to Moscow soon!! Your Russian fa...

      Lil Wayne
      in Miami metro area

      Big_D17 writes : Weezy is off tha chain i would luv for him to come down to tha miami area and perform.

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