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      Barack Obama
      in Fresno, California, USA

      deecali21 writes : The African American community in Fresno is always over looked in the political arena. We need to start making our vo...

      Barack Obama
      in Madison, Wisconsin, USA

      spotzhill writes : Madison is a great city and U.W. Madison is a great school as a place for political discussion. John Kerry chose Madi...

      Barack Obama
      in Richmond, Virginia, USA

      epomplun writes : Bring Barack to Richmond to support his campaign for PRESIDENT!

      Hillary Clinton
      in Orlando metro area

      tera311 writes : We want to see the next President of the USA in Orlando

      Hillary Clinton
      in New York metro area

      catidia writes : I'm a brooklyn Latina interested in having Sen. Hillary Clinton come to Brooklyn (possibly Brooklyn College and/or Lo...

      Barack Obama
      in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

      dinogurlroar writes : Please com eto Tulsa we LOVE you!

      Ron Paul
      in Columbus, Ohio, USA

      icanoop writes : Ron Paul is the smartest major party candidate I've ever learned about. Ohio is an important state that leans Republi...

      Ron Paul
      in Detroit metro area

      master_debator writes : I've been a faithfull follower ever since I first heard about him from Alex Jones Waco special. At the bar that I wo...

      Barack Obama
      in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

      merewords writes : The residents of Colorado Springs needs to realize that we do not live in the 50's anymore! There are a total of four...

      Hillary Clinton
      in San Diego metro area

      chuck writes : I'd love a chance to hear Hillary Clinton talk about why she is the best choice for the Democratic nomination.

      Barack Obama
      in Harrisburg metro area

      prbabyt22 writes : I'm an OBAMA MAMA and I've been educating my peers on this movement! Mr Obama's visit to the midstate would make an e...

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