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      Electronic Music

      in Sofia, BGR

      aislinn writes : !!!!!! BANG BANG !!!!!!! ~*RAMMSTEIN*~ They are, and will always be, the best musicians this world has ever seen...

      Linkin Park
      in Vilnius, LTU

      BMV writes : Linkin Park a band that should visit every country, so here's the demand: Come to Lithuania, Vilnius and perform the ...

      in Los Angeles metro area

      blueHEADEDchick writes : becuz basshunter knows how to work it

      Linkin Park
      in Prague, Czech Republic

      Jitulka writes : Who else wants LP to come back to Prague? Don't answer, just click!

      Linkin Park
      in Quito, Ecuador

      isa-p writes : Mike Shinoda, Rob Bourdon, Dave 'Phoenix' Farrell, Joe Hahn, Brad Delson y Chester Bennigton. ...

      in Los Angeles metro area

      PerlaPwns writes : because i fucking wanta watch millionaires! dont you??!!!

      Linkin Park
      in Lima, Lima, PER

      ale2701 writes : voten x Linkin Park! para q vengan a Perú! come on !

      Linkin Park
      in Zagreb, HRV

      linkin_park_girl writes : I´ve never seen Linkin Park in my life and i would love to have them come in Croatia to hear them on the stage. I re...

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