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      Fans of Barack Obama in Orlando are joining together to Demand that Barack Obama perform in Orlando. Chat with other Barack Obama fans in Orlando below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
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      • poohtoo2 poohtoo2
        I was very happy to see many more people exercising their right to vote this year. What a great way to celebrate the first African American President by showing the largest voter turn out ever!
      • Barack Obama Barack ...
        We're just one day away from change.

        Election Day is tomorrow -- Tuesday, November 4th.

        We've asked you to do a lot over the course of this campaign, and you've always come through.

        Right now, I'm asking you to do one last thing -- vote tomorrow, and make sure everyone you know votes, too.

        When this campaign began, we weren't given much of a chance by the pollsters or the pundits.

        But tomorrow, we can make history.

        We've made it this far because supporters like you never stopped believing in your power to bring about real change.

        Take the final step now.

        Find your polling location, and get everyone you know involved on Election Day.

        With your vote, and the votes of your friends, family, and neighbors, we won't just win this election -- together, we will change this country and change the world.

        Thank you,


        Any questions or problems at the polls: Don't leave without calling 877-US-4-OBAMA
      • carmene carmene
        i think it will be great to have senator Obama come to Orlando I look forward to see him specially in the metro area where i leave if you looking for people who love senator Obama you got to pick first
      • ica_v2001 ica_v2001
      • Barack Obama Barack ...
        Voter Registration Deadline is Monday, October 6th!

        The last day to register to vote in Florida is Monday, October 6th!

        Are you registered? Are your friends and family?

        Each and every vote in Florida is absolutely crucial to victory on Election Day.

        Visit, our one-stop voter registration website, and register before the deadline.

        This election is too important to leave anything to chance. You need to be certain that you, your friends, and your family are registered by the deadline -- it's a small step that will have a huge impact on our Election Day results.

      • PETE52 PETE52
        Although I am convinced that Obama will win, I am skeptical about our nations voters. I am convinced that many Americans harbor a little racism and for that reason will falter at the polls. It is the 21st century and we still find people(and I've seen young ones) engaged in acts of pre-civil rights action. Hopefully, the vast majority is past those archaic thoughs. I visualize a strong and powerful government that will lead us to a more stable nation with Obama and Biden in office.
      • Barack Obama Barack ...
      • Barack Obama Barack ...
        Be the first to know.. or Text VP to 62262

        You will receive an email the moment Barack makes his decision, or you can text VP to 62262 to receive a text message on your mobile phone.

        Once you've signed up, please forward this email to your friends, family, and coworkers to let them know about this special opportunity.

        No other campaign has done this before. You can be part of this important moment.

        Be the first to know who Barack selects as his running mate.



        David Plouffe
        Campaign Manager
        Obama for America
      • JordanMoore JordanM...
        We really don't need him in Winter Park. See, more people here have brains here. We don't salute F├╝hrer Obama.
      • Barack Obama Barack ...
        Join Barack  at the Open Convention

        I wanted you to be the first to hear the news.

        At the Democratic National Convention next month, we're going to kick off the general election with an event that opens up the political process the same way we've opened it up throughout this campaign.
        Barack has made it clear that this is your convention, not his.

        On Thursday, August 28th, he's scheduled to formally accept the Democratic nomination in a speech at the convention hall in front of the assembled delegates.
        Instead, Barack will leave the convention hall and join more than 75,000 people for a huge, free, open-air event where he will deliver his acceptance speech to the American people.

        It's going to be an amazing event, and Barack would like you to join him. Free tickets will become available as the date approaches, but we've reserved a special place for a few of the people who brought us this far and who continue to drive this campaign.

        If you make a donation of $5 or more between now and midnight on July 31st, you could be one of 10 supporters chosen to fly to Denver and spend two days and nights at the convention, meet Barack backstage, and watch his acceptance speech in person. Each of the ten supporters who are selected will be able to bring one guest to join them. Make a donation now and you could have a front row seat to history.

        We'll follow up with more details on this and other convention activities as we get closer, but please take a moment and pass this note to someone you know who might like to be there.

        It will be an event you'll never forget.

        Thank you,


        David Plouffe
        Campaign Manager
        Obama for America

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      mac523 writes: There are a lot of Obama fans here in Orlando, would like more people to learn about him and I know they'd be fans also!
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