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      Fans of Aventura in Chicago are joining together to Demand that Aventura perform in Chicago. Chat with other Aventura fans in Chicago below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
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      • alex_16 alex_16
        i missed the concerts, mmaaannn!!
      • kglf990 kglf990
        I got to see them last June in Chicago and they were amazing. I would like it if they came to Michigan but Chicago is the next best. They are the best and I want to see them again soooooo bad
      • mononga1 mononga1
        yo si que soy la fan numero uno e tenido la oportunidad de verlos tres veces en accion y de verdad Anthony es el mejor tengo todos sus cd's y el dvd en el madison suare garden hace unos anos y todos sus videos son sensacionales los amo de verdad....
      • igomez igomez
        Since we live in Kansas City and we never get to experience nothing fun, we go to Chicago for the great entertainment, so yes we vote for Aventura to come to Chicago....we'll set in front row the Saenz Sisters
      • krazy_of03 krazy_of03
        AVENTURA son mis favoritos!..I ♥ THEM!...especially HENRY SANTOS!..he gave me a kiss!..and he came recently to chicago with his group-LOS ROBA-CORAZONES...they're good too..but HENRY said that they will be coming sometime next month!!!!!!...I CANT WAIT!!!!!.... HENRY IS UN PAPICHULO!.... I ♥ HENRY!
      Featured comment
      miayala1 writes: I have gone to see Aventura twice and they now how to do a show. Put it this way I even went to Houston to go see them and I live in Chicago. I even bought their love and hate concert dvd and they really know how to entertain the audience.

      I would really want them to come again to Chicago. So please demand to have Aventura come to Chicago at the House of Blues or AllState Arena.
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