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      Visionary Leaders Summit 2019 |     

      Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites

      Ashland, OR

      The 3rd Annual Visionary Leaders Summit will infuse your spirit with joy and inspire you to evolve as the passionate... (read more)

      Jun 7, 2019    4:00 PM

      Ashland Movement Class: Winter 2019 |     

      The Grove

      Ashland, OR

      Movement Class for Parkinson's disease More spots for more participants! Come and participate in a weekly exerci... (read more)

      Jan 8, 2019    1:30 PM

      Beautiful Skin & Cleansing with Essential Oils: Southern Oregon Class |     

      Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites and Convention Center

      Ashland, OR

      Come learn about Cleansing & Beautiful Skin from guest speaker Sandra Freeman, doTERRA essential oil educator! Sandr... (read more)

      Jan 19, 2019   11:00 AM
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