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      Fans of Talib Kweli in University Of Vermont are joining together to Demand that Talib Kweli perform in University Of Vermont. Chat with other Talib Kweli fans in University Of Vermont below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
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      libdogg writes: A small state like Vermont could really benefit from a performance by Talib. There have been some big name acts in the past, but good hiphop must found elsewhere. So many people would love to see such an amazing artist come to our hometown.

      Talib Kweli would ignite the flame of hiphop at UVM while drawing a diverse crowd. Each factor would create an overall fun experience for every audience member. Talib is someone known to us through television and ipods, but he is so much more than that. He is an inspiration in so many ways and I demand that Vermont should be a witness to his greatness.
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