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      Fans of Shane Dawson in Ottawa, ON are joining together to Demand that Shane Dawson perform in Ottawa, ON. Chat with other Shane Dawson fans in Ottawa, ON below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
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      • MissAwesome2424 MissAwe...
        Please come to Ottawa!! <3
      • alex13aliensex alex13a...
        My friend Sean O'brien is one of your biggest fans! You've answered one of his questions on your video, and he also made a video for you especially so you'd know How many different people are in canada waiting for you to come and be seen (: I would love to see my friend happy about you coming any day.
      • Colariboo Colariboo
        Please Shane, come during spring, on a weekend please! I really really want to see you for real! :D
      • yoursoclosesofarawy123 yoursoc...
        OTTAWA. come (:
      • rapod rapod
        Capital of Canada, how can you NOT come?
      • themusicalthing themusi...
        Ottawa is where all the good things happen. COME PARTY WITH US SHANE!
      • razanbleikbieber razanbl...
        I love what you said :)
      • DudeThatsReallyAwesome DudeTha...
        He should come because he is really awesome and Canadians are awesome. Awesome people do awesome things together - especially in Ottawa.
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      SimplePlanNaruto writes: Demand Shane Dawson in Ottawa,Ontario because canadians love Shane Dawson!
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