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      Fans of Justin Bieber in Adelaide, SA are joining together to Demand that Justin Bieber perform in Adelaide, SA. Chat with other Justin Bieber fans in Adelaide, SA below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
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      • kochtam kochtam
        Justin Drew bieber is such ahottti i love him so much. as soon as he comes to adelaide im gonnna buy hids first ticket i love you justinxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
      • truebelieber truebel...
        i soo want justin to come to adelaide ^-^ imma be like all hyped.. xD OMBBB IM DYING INSIDEEE
      • zarahilyjustinb zarahil...
        ps justin trust me we have a lot in commen btw that means what u r lookin for i am lookin for hahahha lol if u dont know what lol and btw means cause yerr it mean laught out loud nd by the way hahahah and i feel u it probs gets annoyin when fans allways like what ur atograph i know hahaha talk to ya soon byeeee
      • zarahilyjustinb zarahil...
        i really want u to come to adlaide so i can listen to ur sweet lovely voice so u can sing and i really would like to se u bt ur hair style is so kool and u have the most butiful eyes and u r just so butiful and the greatest singer of all time i just have a few quistiens for u cause my friends allways jjuge me when i give anwsers so do u miss home? thats if u dont live there offten and whats ur fav coulor? mynes pink i think urs is purple i startin to like purple? whens ur bday hahha? and can u pretty plz with a cherry on top come to adelaide to do a concet?
      • Oriana_Corso1993 Oriana_...
        Hey please come it would be amazing if you did coz a lot of girls would love u to come to adelaide coz no one really comes here and all of us fans love you. And i really like you and your songs and im not like those girls who gets too excited. It would be greatful thanks x.
      • biebersnum1 biebers...
        please come
      • biebersnum1 biebers...
        because i will like dye if u dont. i love ur songs and u
      • CrookyGirl12 CrookyG...
        and i love all your songs too so that is why i think you should come to adelade
      • CrookyGirl12 CrookyG...
        i think you should come to adelade coz i love you and we have some meany people who love you but i love you the most and im a realy nice girl and i would like to talk to you face to face and i would like you to help me with my song writng and teach me to play the gaitar and other stuff like that im a realy nice girl i have blue sparkly eyes, i love to smile and i am addicted to you and your music and i havent be in a good relashop ship and i would like to try one with you :):) and i love your songs back down to earth and first dance they both make me cry coz when i listin to them they make me thing of you ;)................................and i stll cry now happy tears
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