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      • Catherine99 Catheri...
        you sing very well
      • DDB1999 DDB1999
        I seriously think he should come back, I love him and it would be such an honor to see him in concert.I didnt get to go to the November 22nd concert at the Bell Center.But my mum promised next time he comes we'll go se him. <3
      • kenya19 kenya19
        i want justin to come to montreal because i was supposed to go for my bday last year [its the 20 of novemeber].I had to miss.I hated my friends talking bout it for2 weeks, so PLEASE COME,PLEASE.
      • BieberSwagg BieberS...
        Justin, please come back. I saw you in November and it was the best night of my life, but if you come back i'll buy VIP tickets to meet you because that's my biggest dream. Everybody loves you, you make us happy, imagine if you come back how we'll be happy. Please please please. i love you so much and Montreal too. <3
      • beanie555 beanie555
        Justin , you should really come to montreal! everyone here loves you, and you would have a great time :) plus me and my friends know allllll the lyrics to allllllllll your songs ! :D love you so much justin, idk how you do it! your amazing! please come to montreal, you will make #lots of less lonely girls :) we will all #pray for it to happen, come to montreal PLEASE! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! :)
      • leslaay leslaay
        Justin ,you should come to Montreal ..Everyone loves you Lots <3 ..And if you go ,i will be really happy !! ..i really want to go see you . i never had the chance to go to a concert ,& i want to go to yours . please come to Montreal ,its Closer for me ,even if its like 5 hours :/...But please come to Montreal ,there some French Girls ,you might Like (; ..And Well i could meet you ,& ,we All Want you to go ,so please come ,i'll be the happiest girl alive ,i might even pass out ,JK <3 ..but really i think you should come back there ,and Hope your tickets wont $ Alot :/ .Or i wouldn't be able to go .. Well i love you <3 ,Hope to meet you soon (: .. Bye ,.GodBless you Mister Bieber
      • Smileey09 Smileey09
        Please Come to Montreal . i wanna have a chance to go see youu at your concert . my parents dosnt let me go at your concert , beacause it was to far , but Montreal is closer for us :) . Please Come At MONTREAL :) . And you have A lot Of fans Arround here , :)
      • milayy06 milayy06
        Pleasee Come To Montreal ! . because I really Want to Go To Your Concert . && Montreal is More Closer For Me To Go at Your Concert :) And i never Came At one of your Concert . So i hope You Will Come Lol !!
      • DinaFazi9 DinaFazi9
        Please come to Montreallllllllllll <3 we all love you! xx
      • afgchikitaz afgchik...
        theres so many fans of justin in montreal. i wish that he will come, he is a so niice guy and i love him !
      • Alison141 Alison141
        please Justin ! <3 Come In Montreal ! PLEASE WE LOVE YOU JBIEBS <3
      • kittykat251 kittyka...
      • kittykat251 kittyka...
        i think he should come back because i didnt get the chance to see you in novemeber :( and it would be very thankful if you come backkkk :) i mean your an amazing guy and i like it
      • julie2783 julie2783
        Hey fans, CTV Montreal has Bieber fever, tune in at noon today and tonight at 6 for everything you need to know about Justin's big Montreal show tonight at the Bell Centre..don't miss it!
      • stephoo stephoo
        All my friends like you, you have so much fans in montreal you have to come back

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