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      Fans of John Edwards in Eureka, California, USA are joining together to Demand that John Edwards perform in Eureka, California, USA. Chat with other John Edwards fans in Eureka, California, USA below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
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        Get as many people to make these 3 phone calls. Call GOP contributor and war contractor General Electric Corporation at 800 386 1215 or 203 373 2211 and tell the person who answers, that you want the GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt to get Bush to end the war in Iraq and then Bush resign with Cheney and until that happens you will not buy any GE products and that you will tell your friends about this. Call GOP contributor Rite Aid Corporation at 800-325-3737 and tell the person to get the CEO to get the congress to enact HR 676 Single payer universal health care and repeal Medicare Part D and place the drug benefit in Medicare Part B covering 80% of drugs with no extra premiums, no extra deductibles, no means tests, no coverage gaps, and remove the means test for Medicare Part B and until that happens, you won't buy ANYTHING from Rite Aid Pharmacies and that you will tell your friends about this. Call GOP contributor Wendy's restaurants at 614 764-3553 and Tell the person in public relations that you want their CEO to get the congress to help enact a $10/HR MIN. WAGE into law and until this happens you will not go to a Wendy's Restaurant and that you will tell your friends about this. I set up a progressives forum for progressives and liberals only. Get as many progressives and liberals to join as you can.

        I do not seek donations. You can use the board for free.
      • mrsb814 mrsb814
        Forgot a couple things almost that should also be mentioned about Humboldt County-we're higher than the National and State averages in suicides, domestic violence and use of antacids...or has someplace in the South beat us this year?
      • mrsb814 mrsb814
        Hey Shane, Chris-I'm with you on asking John Edwards to come and meet rural America in Humboldt County...but perhaps we should have asked him to speak in Bridgeville (also in Humboldt County) and where the sign stating population is 106! You won't see many voters emailing from Bridgeville though because they are off the grid for the most part. Not the post office and the school but more than half the people who get mail in Bridgeville don't have electricity or phones and 80% of the children at Brideville School (about 100 kids K-8) qualify for free lunch, which is a good thing because that may be the only meal they have all day. I wondered why the free lunch program didn't go out that far-so I asked...Food for People offered me a job as a volunteer to drive the lunches out to the Brideville community center. It's only 54 miles. But it's a world away from The Mall, and Jobs, and Lunches.
      • clintonesq clintonesq
        I lived in California for awhile too and understand how the two biggest cities dominate. And I hope John comes to Eureka at some point, but please understand, we in rural Kentucky are in the top ten in all the bad stuff and bottom ten in all the good. We need desperately not just to get national attention, but the attention of our own Kentucky leadership. Health care, education, drugs, we have those problems in spades. We also have fertilizer and chicken and pig dung run off from the mega farms that are causing illnesses that are not getting properly treated or documented down here. John Edwards can shine a light on a very dark area of the world - the fly over interior of the US.
      • PAis4lovers PAis4lo...
        Thanks for your response, Shane. Just to clarify my previous message, the poverty rate in Kentucky is well above the national average and persistent poverty is prevalent all across rural America and the South. Persistent poverty areas are defined as areas that have consistently had a poverty rate of above 20 percent. Eighty-eight percent of those areas are located in rural America and of those 82 percent are in the South. I'm not discounting that the rural NW does not face similar issues, I lived in eastern Oregon for a few years. Columbus has a population of 220 (greater Eureka is 180 TIMES the size of Columbus) ... I think it's an incredible statement that they are leading this competition by hundreds and I hope to see them keep the lead.
      • shanebrinton shanebr...
        I mostly agree with the last comment, but Eureka IS NOT a large metro area. True, it is the county seat. But it's the county seat of one of California's most rural counties. I want to urge other Californians and people around the country to help bring John Edwards to Humboldt County. When you say "rural America" people think about the south or the midwest. The rural northwest is almost always forgotten. We hear about the loss of manufacturing jobs, but what about the loss of timber jobs? Eureka is a perfect place to advance his campaign and the progressive movement. This isn't about me getting to see him. I've already seen him before. This is about shedding light on suffering rural areas. We have been working really hard on this competition and even made the front cover of our local newspapers. On a Sunday! Does that sound like a large metro area to you? Politicians go to rural places in the south and midwest. They go to cities in the northwest. But we never get presidential candidates up here, at least not in my lifetime. Please help Humboldt win. To learn more about our county, please click here: To vote for us, please go to:
      • PAis4lovers PAis4lo...
        i'm baffled by the fact that large metro areas are still trying to win this competition. we, as a progressive movement, should be collectively invested in promoting small town America's access to elected representatives!!! the issues need to be brought to the people who are most deeply effected, and often times devastated, by washington politics. these folks vote overwhelmingly against their own interests and we're never going to win in 2008 with the ego maniacal mentality exhibited in this competition! Eureka, LA, and Ann Arbor - i urge you to start thinking BIG PICTURE. this isn't just about one event. it's not just about YOU getting to meet john edwards. this is about giving non-metro areas access to information that will build power for our movement over the long haul.
      • luciously_taken lucious...
        Senator Edwards rocks!!!!...He's on the right track with NAFTA!!!! We need american jobs back and for products to be said," MADE IN THE USA," not made in china!!!!
      • p2rn p2rn
        Penny, a local RN, says..."Come on up to the real Northern CA and tell us your thoughts on healthcare!!!"
      • TommieOfford TommieO...
        It's really too bad this isn't based on the percentage of demanders vs the counties population. We would be assured of victory.
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      shanebrinton writes: John Edwards is the first major presidential candidate to talk about the problem of poverty in America since Bobby Kennedy. Edwards has a plan to lift more people into the middle class by creating job opportunities and making work pay. Humboldt County's economy isn't everything it could be, so it seems like this would be the perfect place for him to explain his recovery plan for rural America.

      It would be great to have him come out and speak in Humboldt. Even if you aren't sure who you will be voting for, please add your voice to the effort to bring him here, so that we can hear what he has to say.

      Thanks for your demand!

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