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      Fans of Guns N' Roses in Vilnius, LTU are joining together to Demand that Guns N' Roses perform in Vilnius, LTU. Chat with other Guns N' Roses fans in Vilnius, LTU below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
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      • valstietis valstietis
        Mes 3 eilej ;] bleee, reik platint. del guns n'roses tai tikrai tikiu, kad gali atlekt, jei net Placebo apturejom @_@
      • ine_sute ine_sute
        Red_Hot_Lita :nes lietuviai uzsistume siikniai ir patys tik sako kad noretu buti ju konce bet po to saukia kad jie tikrai neatvyks ,net bijo pabandyt.GEDA!!!
      • Apokalipse Apokalipse
        Uuu...Guns'n'roses... O_o I like those guys xD
      • rock31 rock31
        hey i will help you to get guns and roses to vilnus help me to get it in tallinn
      • Sherminator Shermin...
        Nelabai matyt kas zino juos.. :D gi jie legenda.. blem balsuokit kas nors.. na nieko, atvyks jie po RHCP :DDDD
      • Red_Hot_Lita Red_Hot...
        Guns'n'Roses yega.kazi kodel tiek mazai tebalsuoja?o_O
      Featured comment
      Sherminator writes: Atsivezkim i Lietuva Guns N' Roses zmones! Platinkit, balsuokit ir turesim didziausias zvaigzdes cia! Acius jums.
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