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      Fans of GROUND ZERO in Houston are joining together to Demand that GROUND ZERO perform in Houston. Chat with other GROUND ZERO fans in Houston below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
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      • ldeason ldeason
        Don't miss Ground of the best bands of all time!!! If not the best! If you have never seen them live, you are in for a helluva good show. DON'T MISS IT!!
        Ground Zero this Saturday night April 30th 10:00 pm at Warehouse Live for Fuse TV featuring Mistress Julia with multiple bands.

        You can also catch us Saturday May 14th 5:00 pm for the Pets Jam Music Festival. Benefit for the Humane Society featuring over 10 bands.

        Ground Zero June 11th at the Backroom supporting joel Gregoire's new CD release

      • Alyssa02 Alyssa02
        Only God Knows why, except it, better things will come your way!
        Ground Zero finished in 1st place with 1830 votes for the Houston Kiss competition, however they chose another deserving band from Alabama called Before Nine.

        Gene Simmons and KISS must have been scared we would steal all their groupies or maybe we would look better in spandex if we wore them.

        Ground Zero will be performing a free show in the coming months to say thanks to all of you. Stay Tuned.

        If you would like to complain about there choice please feel free to e-mail
        The contest has closed and Ground Zero finished in first place thanks to you and all you hard work.

        We may not win but we are very proud and thankful that we made it as far as we did regardless of what happens.

        Ground Zero
      • lisalynn1 lisalynn1
        so excited for you all!!!
        Ground Zero took first place last night thanks to all of your votes and support. Thank you all for taking the time to vote for Gropund Zero.

        If you have any more votes please send them our way as we are in a battle to keep first place until this Friday when the competition ends.
      • churo3397 churo3397
        Wow! Is what comes to mind when I heard about this event opening for KISS!! Picturing Russell at the age of 7 or 8 dressed like KISS, wish I could find that picture and post it for all to see! What an opportunity for my baby brother, wondering what might our father and big brothers would say. Remembering the time I was fortunate enough one year to purchase tickets and three of my brothers got together and saw KISS. What a memory! I’m sure their gathering votes up there with 10 thousand angels and of course Pandy taking tally, always the light of the party. Life is short I’ve heard, don’t sweat the small stuff and guess what it’s all small stuff they say and live life as if it is your last day. Make a Dream Come True and be a part of it!!!
      • MistressofMayhem3 Mistres...
        Nice!!! You have this in the bag............ see you September 17th....
        Ground Zero is currently in second place in the contest to open for KISS. We have 1,144 votes and are only 168 votes out of first place thanks to all of you.

        Let's take this all the way and grab fist place, enough playing around. Send this link to all your friends and buss contacts and lets end this once and for all and get GZ the first slot.

        Our Lead guitar player Joel Gregoire is headlining club BFE with his Van Halen tribute band this Friday night
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      GroundZero writes: Ground Zero rocks. Lets get them the kiss show!!!
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