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      Fans of ELEMENT 115 in Phoenix are joining together to Demand that ELEMENT 115 perform in Phoenix. Chat with other ELEMENT 115 fans in Phoenix below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
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      • dlschr dlschr
        I would love to see Element 115 in concert.
      • ELEMENT 115 ELEMENT...
        WOW! PHOENIX!

        Only a few days of voting left, and you have put us in a solid 2nd place in the contest to open for KISS on Sept. 24th.

        The top 5 positions are reviewed by KISS and we feel pretty confident that our SHOW is a better match than the other BANDS in the top 5.

        Please post a comment on the web site for us, and be sure to wear your ELEMENT 115 T-shirt to the show at CRICKET PAVILION on Friday, Sept. 24th!!
      • ELEMENT 115 ELEMENT...
        Hey Element 115 friends and fans!

        You have the opportunity to make HISTORY! Never on Earth has a UFO ALIEN DRUMMER and KISS been on the same stage!

        With your vote, it CAN happen!

        Please go to this link and vote us in.

        Thank you. We'll keep you informed on the progress. Right now, we're number 4 on the list of potential opening acts.

        Best wishes,
        Element 115
      • ELEMENT 115 ELEMENT...
        Hey Everyone! You can help Element 115 open for KISS in Phoenix on Sept. 24th. HOW??? By voting here:
      • ELEMENT 115 ELEMENT...
        Hello ELEMENT 115 fans who are also EVENTFUL users! We will be doing a full show in Phoenix at CoopersTown on Sat. May 29th at 8:30pm. If you can't make a Saturday night, we will be doing a scaled-down show on March 19th at CoopersTown. We hope to see you there! Best wishes, Element 115
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      Element115 writes: There's no show on Earth like an Element 115 show!
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