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      Fans of Black Veil Brides in Chicago are joining together to Demand that Black Veil Brides perform in Chicago. Chat with other Black Veil Brides fans in Chicago below and get your friends to join by using the share buttons above. Spread the word by putting a Demand it! widget on your MySpace or blog.
      Date Time City Venue
      Jul 20, 2013 All Day Tinley Park, IL(Chicago metro area) First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
      Feb 21, 2013 6:30 PM Chicago, IL House of Blues - Chicago
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      • littlebluerobot littleb...
        BVB plss coome to chicago i <3 uu guys u guys r grate and one off my dreeam s in life r to see u guys i would off seen u guys last year but Sadly i dinot now about u guyss :( hope i get to see u guys one daayyy :) and theres a lot off other people who need u in chicago
      • Alex5e88e Alex5e88e
        I WANT THEM TO COME! the first time i heard this band...holy cow, i finally found the music i actually wanted to listen to all the time!! BVB is amazing and THEY SHOULD COME I WANTED TO MEET THEM AND I WANT TO SEE THEM!! xD
      • BVB_Army_143 BVB_Arm...
        Of course BVB should come to Chicago! This year I couldn't go to Warped because it was on such short notice. If they come back to Chicago then I can finally meet them! They're my favorite band, my heros, my idols, my role-models, and my inspiration. They keep rock and roll alive! That is why we need them in Chicago!
      • KaraBVB KaraBVB
        BVB has to come back to Chicago!! Yeah, saw them last night at warped tour, but I had mo chance meeting them cuz theycut us off. If they could cone back even in a few months or so, I'd love the oppertunity. It'd mean the world to me
      • shanny10106 shanny1...
        BVB has actually helped millions of people. It has made many "outcasts" feel understood by BVB. Having BVB come to chicago would be the best thing ever!<3
      • nicoleriddle6 nicoler...
        BLACK VEIL BRIDES NEED TO COME TO CHICAGO!!!plzz lol it wuld mke me very happy nd every 1 else super duper happy =) thanx u
      Featured comment
      Allie_Autopsy321 writes: black veil brides should most deff come to chicago because.... well lets face it..

      chicago is the best.
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